eBay Manage Promotions 店铺内促销活动如何设置? Lesson 7

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一、Account下拉菜单Marketing Tools,是跟listing折扣一样的地方

二、Marketing Tools页面Manage Promotions

1.Create an order discount

Introduce new items

Attract buyers at peak shopping times


2.Promotional Shipping Discounts

An order shipping offer is a conditional based offer in which you provide a promotional shipping cost and class of service for a group of eligible items when the buyer meets your specified condition. You can select up to 3 promotional shipping classes and respective costs per offer. This type of offer is a great way to extend the holiday shopping season.

Example offers:
Free Economy Shipping on orders over $25.
Free Expedited Shipping on orders over $49.
Upgrade to 2-day shipping for $10.
Upgrade to Overnight shipping for $25.


3.Accessory discount

Cross-sell a set of related items (such as accessories) with primary items. Encourage purchase of related items by offering a discount when purchased with the primary item.
Example offers:
– Buy a camera, get 10% off select accessories
– Buy a TV, get $25 off a Blu-ray player
– Buy ink cartridges with your printer at no extra shipping cost



Merchandise a group of discounted items in a sale event
If you have setup a store on eBay and have created sales using “Markdown Manager” or if you are using the “AddItem family of service calls” to enable special pricing treatments, you can improve merchandising of those items by promoting a group of those items as a part of a sale event. Items you select for this event that also have a sales price treatment will automatically appear on the sale page and each item will also have links enabled on key shopping pages to drive shoppers to this “sale” page.


5.Codeless coupon

Create a targeted offer (digital coupon) that can be shared with select users
Targeted offers or digital coupons allow you to provide an order discount to select buyers only. Your offer will not be visible to any general buyers on the site. Only buyers who click through a special link for this offer or enter this special URL in their browser will see or receive this targeted offer. This URL will be generated when you save this offer and can be shared with third party shopping sites, included in marketing emails, or included as a part of your onsite marketing placements to drive traffic to this targeted offer. The offer will automatically be applied for these select buyers that clicked through. No special codes are needed.