“I know that content is key, but where can I find good images to post?” This is one of the questions that I get asked the most around the forum and over PM, so I thought I would create this post for other people who are also struggling with finding content.

I’ve been in the IG game for a long time now, and I’ve tried every method under the sun in an attempt to find the best content out there. My findings have varied from niche to niche, but all four methods mentioned below have worked out for me.

Other Social Media Platforms.

Everyone knows that copying another person’s content directly is a bad idea, but no one can report you for copying their idea!

There are literally hundreds of different social media accounts out there with bustling and engaging communities that share great posts all the time. So, what’s stopping you taking content from there, making it into a nicely-presented picture, and becoming viral on Instagram?

Recently I came across the Instagram account @kalesalad, after it gained 47,670 Instagram Followers in One Month. One thing that stood out to me is how they literally screenshotted popular posts from Twitter, and straight-up reposted them on Instagram. This is a perfect example of the explosive growth you can get, without having to lift a finger.

Another example of this is @showerthoughtsdaily, who managed to build a successful Instagram empire by taking some of the best Reddit posts, converting them into really simple text pictures, and then sharing them with their 270,000 Instagram followers.

I have been testing out this method on some of my largest accounts, and it’s honestly amazing. Instead of having to worry about whether or not someone is going to come along and report your account for copyright, you can sleep well knowing that your account is safe!

Free-To-Use Image sites

What’s better than the free material that is available on other platforms, you ask?

How about ready-made, copyright-free images…

While I have largely transitioned over to the above way of sourcing content, I still rely on copyright free sites for a large proportion of my content.

Sites like Image source http://www.imagesource.com/royalty-free  and Pixbay  https://pixabay.com (Read a top 20 list here https://www.ventureharbour.com/royalty-free-stock-images-creative-commons-photos/ ) contain hundreds-of-thousands of images in really every niche that you can use without having to worry about copyright.

This is by far one of the easiest options in regards to sourcing content. All you have to do is make an account on one of the sites, find an image you like, and post it at a time that suits you.

Other Instagram Accounts

If you’re straight-up lazy or don’t have time to create unique posts for hundreds of accounts every day, you can use MassPlanner’s reposting tool to automatically find content from popular accounts in your niche and then “Regram” them with custom captions etc.

I’m not going to go in-depth on the topic here, as I already posted a full guide on automatically sourcing content, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

Becuase reposting other people’s content is technically plagiarism, the original poster(‘s fans) can very easily flag the image and have it removed by Instagram.

Luckily for us, MassPlanner has a few built-in features that help to reduce the likely hood of a copyright claim. It’s logical to assume that the less time a picture is posted, the less likely it is that the original creator will have found the content and reported it, which is why having MassPlanner automatically delete your content after a few days is a good idea. The default time is 96 hours (4 Days), but if you’re only posting once-a-day this will probably leave your account a little thin on content. I would recommend deleting content after 7 days (168 Hours)

As well as getting reported by users, Instagram is also able to detect plagiarism via their photo-scanning algorithm (Much like Google), so it’s important to make slight alterations to the images that we have sourced from other accounts. Of course, we don’t want to do this manually for every single image we repost, which is why we are going to make use of MassPlanner’s image alteration feature. As the name suggests, this makes slight alterations to your content which will hopefully fool Instagram’s AI.

Freelance Photographers

This obviously isn’t going to work for everyone, as it requires a fairly substantial budget, but once you get big enough then this is definitely a great way to grow a brand, and not just another spam Instagram account that reposts unoriginal content.

Hiring a freelance photographer, or even just paying your friends for their travel snaps, really transforms your account into an Authority brand, and allows you to charge a lot more for sponsored posts and collaborations.

I have paid anywhere from $5-50 per post, depending on the level of photography, which is a tiny amount when you are selling shout-outs for hundreds of dollars on larger accounts.

If you have an account in the 100,000’s range, there’s really no excuse not to be using original content. Step up your game people!